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I am creating and leading a film department for ProStimme Medien GmbH.

May 17, 2023

I am excited to create and lead a film department for the media company. In this role, I will work as a writer and director, as well as build up a film team. ProStimme primarily focuses on filming documentaries on cultural and social topics as well as music videos.

I am thrilled about the exciting task of establishing and leading a film department for ProStimme. I look forward to creating both creative films and documentaries on important social issues. These include a documentary on the environmental protest "Veedelsfreiraum," the protest against cuts to child and youth welfare, as well as documentaries highlighting the importance of participation in music and culture for people of all ages and backgrounds. Creative films will include captivating music videos, particularly focusing on choral music, as well as festival films, such as those for the German Choir Competition.

About ProStimme: We are a social music and media company with 14 professionals specializing in music management, graphic design, music and video production, social media, music journalism, and music education. We collaborate with choirs, orchestras, ensembles, bands, associations, foundations, music, and educational institutions from all over Germany. Our headquarters are located in Plochingen near Stuttgart, in the Music Center of Baden-Württemberg.

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