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Discover Our Work

Discover Our Work

Discover Our Work
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Trailer Now

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Isabella Freilinger - Film Director - Showreel 2024

Isabella Freilinger - Film Director - Showreel 2024

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Evelyne Krüger-Maitrel une vie de passion en Allemagne

Evelyne Krüger-Maitrel une vie de passion en Allemagne

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Water Wings Trailer

Water Wings Trailer

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Our Story

We are a dance and theater company bringing together diverse international artists.  We love to tell stories that open up new creative perspectives from the viewpoint of diverse people and inspire to create a colorful life and world. With our shows we have toured around Europe, the USA, Asia and South Africa. 

Together we have created innovative performances such as "Dancing with Monsters" about dance in times of war, which traveled to over 15 countries; the virtual performance "Perspektive 360", awarded with the German Award for Online Communications or our latest performance: our multisensory adaption of "A Rite of Spring" together with the German National Philharmonic. We are also hosts of the festival "Körper Kunst Kultur" in Heidelberg.

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Our Team

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Our International Team

We work with many diverse performers and artists on our productions. We also include citizens of all abilities into our creative performances.

Places we have performed at with our shows

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Some of our Partners

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We are part of the NGO Raum der Künste e.V.

Raum der Künste is a versatile group of creative minds who enjoy looking beyond our own horizons, who are eager for transdisciplinary projects, and for whom cultural mediation in all age groups and target audiences, as well as our own artistic creation, are close to our hearts.


The room of the arts offers art for all. We aim to support and promote freelance artists and cultural mediators to create a fertile ground for nonprofit cultural projects with both receptive and participatory approaches. In our view, this ground is essential to grant children, teenagers, and adults the right to participate receptively and participatorily in cultural and artistic life.


Ensemble NOW

Kurfürstenanlage 55/1

69115 Heidelberg




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