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Writer & Director

Creativity to me is an elixir of life.  Stories are a place where we can laugh and breathe, when the world is difficult. In stories we can give characters a voice that might otherwise be overheard. As creatives we have a great responsibility - whose stories do we tell? Who will be heard? Stories to me are an inspiration for life. In stories we can create visions, break up cliches and ask ourselves: how do we actually want to live and what kind of society do we want to create together?

I created and was showrunner of the series "Sound of You". Recently I wrote and directed an immersive film and art performance to the music of "Sacre du Printemps" for the German National Philharmony. I wrote and directed several fiction films such as "Dancing with Monsters" and "Water Wings" that screened and were awarded at festivals such as Clermont Ferrand, International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg and Cineeuropa. I was a writer and director for the German TV shows “TruDoku” and “SWR Heimat" and worked as writer and director for the South Korean 360 degree TV show “i-Dear”. As an actress I have starred in German, Austrian, British, American and Mexican productions. I teach filmmaking at institutions such as the Institute for Digital Dramaturgy Mannheim. I work as storytelling consultant for customers such as BBC as well as individual writers and directors.



For me, a good story is the heart of a film. I write concepts and scripts for feature films, documentaries and commercials as well as other creative formats. For this I was awarded, among other things, the award for the best screenplay at Mostra Cinema Taranto and the script scholarship from the German-American Institute. Depending on the project, I write in German or English. My films and plays have been translated into several languages and performed worldwide.

I lead a team of amazing creatives, all with expertise in their own field. Together we create projects from the initial conception to the final sound design: an all-in-one package. The focus is on creativity, innovation and quality.

I teach storytelling and film directing at institutions such as the Mannheim Academy for Digital Dramaturgy, Mannheim Film Commission, Heidelberg Space of the Arts, Mannheim National Theater and Heidelberg Theater and Orchestra.


I also teach effective video storytelling using simple technical means for artists and marketing departments. For it It is a challenge to successfully communicate with our target groups online, but also a huge opportunity. Videos are the most effective. Videos are shared twice as often as other content. 80% of those surveyed said: They prefer to be informed via videos. (Wyzowl marketing study). In practical workshops you can learn to create your own videos effectively and easily. I teach storytelling, video marketing, sustainable video strategies and creativity development. The lessons are individually adapted to the respective needs. My motivation is the successes of my coachees.

Standing on set and putting ideas into action together - that's magic for me. I direct fictional, documentary and commercial films as well as other creative formats. It is particularly important to me to really communicate with the audience and to create an exciting, colorful world for them using camera, colors, sound, set design and music. For my work, I was awarded the Bremen Television Prize, the German Prize for Online Communication and was nominated for the Grimme Prize, among others. In the last few years I have been on set almost constantly as a director and shot numerous productions. I gained a lot of experience in the process. I take this wealth of experience with me into every new production. 

I work in storytelling from my perspective as an author and director. I prefer to look at the entire artistic process and all departments. The question is always: How can we best tell the story at all stages of filmmaking?tell as much as possible? As a dramaturge, I worked, among other things, for the fictional BBC series "Scenes for Survival" for the director Niloo-Far Kahn, for the current fictional film "Systemrelevant" by the Austrian artist Annika Hakala as well as various documentaries and international advertising campaigns.

As an actress, I have worked for German, Austrian, English and American  Worked on film and theater productions. For my acting I was awarded the Sky TV Award, the Best Drama Award at the Phoenix Comicon and the Audience Award at the Arc Film Festival. I taught improvisational theater.

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