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Film, Dance & Art: "Now" in Heidelberg

Jan 27, 2024

I am looking forward to directing "Now". Immerse yourself in a magical world for all senses. Discover a space full of creativity. We will explore together: How are we doing in the environmental crisis and what visions do we have for a more sustainable community?

I am particularly excited to stage the immersive production "Now" in Heidelberg this year. Save the Date: from July 19th to 21st, the production will be showcased in Heidelberg. Expect an art exhibition for all senses, a film, a live performance, and plenty of exciting discussions.

Why this production?

I remember the first time I learned about the climate crisis. I was 13 years old, watching a documentary alone. I cried all evening, not knowing how to deal with all the fear, anger, and sadness.
The more I talked to other people about it, the more I realized that almost all of us felt the same way. I found hope in the exchange and saw it as an opportunity for change. Here, I want to create space for that:

Dive into the NOW with your body: By stimulating the senses, the audience should feel their own bodies. We are part of nature. Sustainability also means sustainable treatment of our own bodies.

Celebrating the beauty of the world worth preserving: All art forms celebrate the beauty of nature from different perspectives.

Intercultural production: We bring art and dance from different countries together. Our artistic ensemble reflects our own cultural backgrounds in various European countries, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia.

Participation for people of all ages: In the theater pedagogical project, we bring professionals as well as children, teenagers, and adults from Heidelberg together in creative work.

Exchange with the audience: What kind of society do we actually want to live in? In dialogue, there is room for feelings, ideas, and visions of a beautiful and sustainable life. In the community, energy for change can emerge.

I am particularly excited to stage the production together with choreographer Evelyne Krüger-Maitrel, the entire dance ensemble, and a team of incredibly exciting international artists. I am also very pleased that we were able to find an ideal venue for the performance at the Kulturhaus Bahnstadt through the support of the Bahnstadtverein e.V.

At the premiere with the Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie, the 800 spectators celebrated the production with minutes of standing ovations: children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. At the premiere, we showed the film and live performance. After the success, we further developed the production and also created a synesthetic art installation, a larger performance, and an interactive workshop for our audience.

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