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My film NOW receives film funding from Baden-Württemberg

Jul 6, 2023

A film full of magic: Lea struggles between hope and despair about the destruction or preservation of her environment. The film ist set to the music of "Sacre du Printemps". The Baden-Württemberg Media and Film Society is funding the film produced by the German National Philharmony.

The Film Funding Baden-Württemberg honored our film "ZUKUNFT" with funding for post-production:

Lea is a dreamy, introverted, melancholic woman. One day, she discovers a dancing environmental protection group. She is so fascinated that she allows herself to be taken into their magical forest. She blossoms and experiences that she herself is part of the community and nature. But suddenly, they are all threatened by the destruction of their environment. Living dark beings attack them. Will they become victims, or can they prevent the sacrifice and save themselves and their environment?

Author, Director, Producer: Isabella Freilinger / Choreography, Director, Creative Set and Costume Design: Evelyne Krüger-Maîtrel / Camera: David Hennen, Tobias Baumgärtner / Costume Designer: Helga Baumgärtner / Material Arts Coach: Karsten Henry Klinner / Set Painter: Moritz von Sturm zu Vehlingen / Makeup & Hair: Evelyne Krüger-Maîtrel, Sophie Ziegler / Post-production: Sergio Antonio Aguero / Dramaturgical Consulting: Susanne Ley, Nadine Christina Frigyes, Deep Ecology Heidelberg, Yaële Simkovitch

Lea: Katharina Geyer / Letthop: Médélice Ode Krüger-Maîtrel / Ballet: Lilly Dietrich, Paulina Glück, Raquel Regadera Llorente, Aika Weintz, Miyu Weintz / Children's Dance: Leela Ida Merkel, Mathilda Rebecca Westphal, Julia Victoria Zimmermann / Tango: Anra Hoeggemann, Reinhold Hess / Environmental Group Actors: Karsten Henry Klinner, Marcel Dietler, Elisa Ziegler / Event Guests: Helga-Christiane Baumgärtner, Aurélia Sigl-Bouverie, Batiste Sigl-Bouverie, Richard Dietler, Isabel Nascimento Geyer, Jonas auf dem Kampe, Ana Teixeira, Francesco Teixeira, Melissa Schade, Ricardo Waibel, Manfred Werner, Sylvia Westphal, Valerie Wilhelm, Andrea Zimmermann / Destruction Monsters: Helga-Christiane Baumgärtner, Karsten Henry Klinner, Yaële Simkovitch, Moritz von Sturm zu Vehlingen / Victims of Climate Crisis: Hoan My-Tran, Cyril Scala

A project in cooperation with Beat Fehlmann & the German State Philharmonic of Rhineland-Palatinate

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