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We are on the news show "Tagesthemen" with our 360 degree film

Apr 16, 2021

I have created new forms of 360 degree films for the South Korean TV station KBS: in this episode we are filming with musicians from the National Philharmonie and one of the most important news shows of Germany “Tagesthemen” was there with our team

The “Tagesschau” is one of the biggest news magazines in Germany. We were very happy to see that they accompanied our team and presented our 360 degree film project. In this project we asked ourselves: how can we give the audience a completely new perspective and created a 360 degree film that allows the audience experience cultural events as they cannot even experience them live. Here we are showing a concert from the National Philharmony Rheinland-Pfalz on South Korean TV KBS. The audience is standing in the middle of the orchestra and can so be much closer to the conductor and the musicians than they usually can. They can experience classical music from a completely new perspective. Even if we are limited by COVID, we can experience culture in a new and exciting way like this.

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