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We won the German TV Award "Bremer Fernsehpreis"

Sep 13, 2020

I have been working as a writer and director for the TV show SWR Heimat and now the show won the TV award “Bremer Fernsehpreis”. So far I have written and directed 12 episodes for the show

“Bremer Fernsehpreis” is a prestigious German TV Award. It awards programs from Germany, Austria and Switzerland every year. Our series “SWR Heimat” for television channel SWR won this year’s prize for the best digital project. Here is a short extract from the text: “The series gives different people a voice, lets them tell their personal stories, share their opinion and connect with each other. It creates understanding and appreciation für the others: from the garbageman to the gardener. It tells stories about dedication to good causes, about racism, or the feelings of people who care for their sick relatives or who themselves survived a life-threatening disease. The series clears up clishees, asks questions that might be seen as tabu and does so lead to better understanding of each other. “SWR Heimat” is a project all about participation and solidarity.

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