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Tolle Theaterkritik für "Water Wings"

Feb 13, 2019

"We didn't want it to end. When you identify from the first moment. When you see on stage a freshness in humor, in lines. "Water Wings" includes it all in laugh and cry and thrill".

Eine tolle Theaterkritik bekam "Water Wings" in Athen von Katerina Zaharioudaki - Journalistin bei Radio Terra Nova (übersetzt aus dem Griechischen):

"You would call her in the middle of the night and come over with a box of chocolates, or a bottle of wine (or two)." Because that's how besties are. Sunday night with a wonderful show! We didn't want "Water Wings" to end. When the theater time passes without knowing it, when you identify from the first moment, when you see on stage a freshness, in acting, In props, in humor, in lines, when you see appetite for work, when you see a project that includes it all in: laugh and cry and thrill because life itself includes it all. A wonderful project talking about the values of life and the most sacred thing in the world: Friendship! Friendship between two completely different people, who pass obstacles, channels, seas, mountains but in the end, life goes on...
The actresses Athena and Amymone traveled with their water wings and with the originality that governs the whole show.

I saw the show with my "Water Wing" - my friend Koutris. Together we have shared a whole life and leaving in the evening humidity, we had the desire to write something on the hood of a car just like then, when we were children.
Because this show is especially worth seeing with a "Water Wing
Watch It!! See it!! See it!!
Thank you girls!!

"Isabella Freilinger is an actor, director, writer and has created a truly wonderful work for the greatest good of friendship! Big honour honestly Isabella Freilinger. Keep writing for the values of life. Thank you!
P.S.: The performance continues at the Eliart Theater this Sunday as well... I'll say it again, check it out!!

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